A Free Resource for Writers to Build a Readership Audience A Free Resource For WritersOne of the main issues facing writers, of course, other than the writing of our stories and books, is how to find and a medium in which to build a readership audience interested in our writing and market to those interested readers.

As writers and artists, we can spend years on our creative projects, writing that book we just had to write because it was ‘in us’ and it had to ‘come out’.

Yet despite all the endeavours we put into our creative works, most artists pay scant attention to the audience we wish to engage with. ‘Write it and they will read it,’ is the motto.

But it doesn’t work that way. 33 million titles on Amazon proves that; barely any of them sell more than 20 copies. As a publisher with 250+ titles on our list, no more than 40 titles actually sell in sufficient quantities to make a significant return on investment. That’s just the way it is with any artistic and creative pursuit – some make it, but most don’t.

With that in mind, one way of increasing your chances of making your writing a success (besides mastering your writing to the best of your ability) is to attract an interested readership that is willing to buy and read your work / book.

This isn’t as hard as it sounds, but it does take time. You can’t buy an interested audience as easily as they’d buy your book. They need to be nurtured, attended to, engaged with on a regular basis. In other words, they need to be looked after. They’re your readers and they must not be neglected.

One way of attracting and nurturing your readers is to provide them with interesting content. Content that they’re looking for and want to read. A great FREE resource for this is allows you to post regular articles on whatever topics you like to write about – fiction, non-fiction etc. The great thing is, you can repurpose blogs / posts from your own website so that you don’t have to worry about writing new material.

The other great thing is that tens of thousands of readers visit this site daily, readers that could find your articles and become that audience interested in your writing.

A little bit of effort could lead to great reward.

‘Remember, success like writing is a habit’

Dr. Scott Zarcinas.
Director, DoctorZed Publishing
Founder, The Business of Writing School
Chairman, The Australian Digital Publishing Group

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